A Week in the Life of the Volunteers Day 3

05 March 2014

Region: London

Image © Norman Smith LRPS

Volunteers are essential for keeping the region active.   This week, we’re looking at what the volunteers do behind the scenes and hoping to excite you enough to sign-up!

Yesterday, our volunteers were preparing The Cave for the opening night of the “Best of 2013” exhibition (the RO managed to avoid sweeping duties by having an important meeting beforehand!). 

Thanks to Norman’s earlier efforts, all the pictures had already been framed and hung, so it was just a bit of polishing and sweeping, as well as putting out the lavish crisp buffet.

Nights like this are the highlights of being involved with the Society, since we get to meet some of the other members.  I think we can all say that we have made some really good friends through volunteering.

We had a good turnout, as people drifted in and out throughout the evening.  And one of the reasons was probably the growth in the number of people following us on Twitter and Facebook.  We are becoming increasingly successful at promoting events via social media, but this is an area where we could do with some more help.  As our Facebook pages increase (we aim to have one for each initiative), we would like to strengthen our social media team.  So if you can spare any time to tweet for us or add interesting items and ideas to our Facebook pages, drop us a line at london@rps.org.

And if you find yourself in Greenwich between now and the 18th April, pop in to The Cave and see our wonderful exhibition.