Bleeding London - Pix wanted and going green.

12 March 2014

Region: London

Bleeding London is putting together a press pack and we need some interesting pictures to go with it.  We’ll be making our selection on Sunday 16th March from any that have been uploaded to our Flickr group or posted to our Facebook page.  We’d like to offer a good variety and include some early morning or evening shots as well.

‘Green’ is the theme for today.  This can be anything from the streets around a park (or just a patch of green), a green front door, an urban garden or one of the many streets containing the word ‘green’ , such as Acton Green, Battlers Green, Castle Green, Denham Green, Englefield Green, Fishers Green, Golders Green ... or one of the Greenvales (Road, Avenue, Close, Court or Drive), the Greenways (Avenue, Close, Court or Drive), the Greensides (Close, Cottages, Drive, Road and Walk) or anywhere in Greenwich.  For the lateral thinkers, how about something with an environmental slant?

And don't forget to record the street signs!