Carol's In. Are You?

16 March 2014

Region: London

“I work at ITV looking after the presenters of the breakfast programme, Daybreak - soon to become Good Morning Britain.

I was given a DSLR camera for my birthday last August and am now obsessed with photography, have been doing online courses and go out with my camera every day, regardless of the weather, taking pictures of anything and everything I find of interest. Every lunchtime, I scout around the Southbank area, within a half-hour radius of my workplace, which gives me time to take pictures along the route, when I reach my destination, grab something quick to eat and dash back again. One of my favourite destinations is Leake Street, as this is only 5 minutes from work, and the graffiti there changes almost daily.

I also like to find unusual places, such as the Crossbones graveyard, and photograph the usual iconic London landmarks such as the Eye, Houses of Parliament and St Paul's. At the moment, as I'm just learning, everything is fair game for a photograph. Eventually, I have a feeling I'll settle onto one area that appeals to me most.

When I started this, street photography wasn't really something I saw myself doing, but over time, I've come to realise that people, particularly people on the streets of London, are a massive, fascinating source of material for the budding photographer. I love London, I love the vibrancy of the place, and I love finding little nooks and crannies and unusual or secret places to document in images. I've added some sets to my Flickr site dedicated to areas of London, landscapes and architecture, because it fascinates me so much - particularly the juxtaposition of old and new.

I've joined Bleeding London because it struck me as a fantastic opportunity for photographers to have a common 'subject' to work on as a unit. I was invited to join this by another photographer who I met at a graveyard (you see a camera, you get chatting, it's a little bit like walking a dog!). I'm very much looking forward to adding to this project."

Images:  Top - Carol © Clare;  Bottom: Leake Street, SE1 © Carol Clements

For more of Carol's work, check out her Flickr site.