Chirag's In. Are You?

18 March 2014

Region: London

Chirag Pradhan is the latest recruit to Bleeding London, RPS London’s ambitious project to photograph every street of the capital.

"I am a photography hobbyist and find photography a very liberating experience. I like doing landscape photography but also try my hand at shooting wildlife, portraiture and abstract photography. Recently, I have started street photography and find it very fascinating. I think a human presence in a photograph, gives it a different dimension. It renders the image with an energy, an emotion that is very unique. The Bleeding London project couldn't have come at a better time. As soon as I read about the project on the RPS website, I signed up for it. I believe this project will help me learn a lot about street photography and there isn't a better way to see and document the streets of London, a city that I love for it's energy, people and heritage."

Image: Millbank, SW1 © Chirag Pradhan