David's In. Are You?

23 March 2014

Region: London

David Pollard ARPS is joining Bleeding London to kick-start a new phase in his photography.

"Although a member of the RPS  for only seven years, I have been a keen amateur photographer since my school days. My main photographic interest is in photojournalism and street photography. I became an ARPS in 2009, having submitted a panel of black-and-white photographs taken in Liverpool in the late 1960s. 
For the past few years, I have been taking photographs whilst touring in India, a country that I never hesitate to return to. Most of these are of the people and their way of life. Now, however, I want to return to taking photographs in London, most probably in monochrome. I am retired and have the freebie travel pass and so have no excuses for not doing so. I have joined the London Region, and signed up to participate in Bleeding London, with the intention of kick-starting a new phase in my photography."
See more of David's work on his website.
Image:  Old Soldiers Remember, Horseguards Road, SW1A © David Pollard ARPS. 

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Jon Butler
23 March 2014

Good to see another film user in the London Region, welcome David.

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