Del's In. Are You?

14 March 2014

Region: London

Del Barrett ARPS, the London Regional Organiser, has signed up for Bleeding London

“I love tramping the streets, all things urban, London, photography and reading, so what better way to combine all these against a backdrop of one of my favourite books than by joining Bleeding London?  And if we could get some prog rock into the mix, then I’d be really at home in my element!

My plans?  I’m starting with my home patch and aiming to cover all of SW3 (about 185 streets).  At the moment, I’ve no fixed ideas about a theme; I’m just shooting anything of interest.  When I have one shot of every street, I’ll see if a theme emerges and if it does, go back and re-shoot where I need to.  I’m often drawn towards signs and posters, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with portfolio of texts.  It might be quite fun to record penalty notices and see if it costs more, for example, to breach the dog-fouling by-laws in Chelsea than it does elsewhere.  It might even cost less!  It could also be interesting to look at the underlying ideology of the official notices and the communication strategies used.  Who knows?  I might just end up with an eclectic mix of pix. 

I also want to use Bleeding London as an excuse to visit new parts of London.  I’m ashamed to admit that I have been to neither Muswell nor Primrose Hill, so they’re both on my list. 

As the RO, I’m privy to some of the exciting plans in the pipeline and this is definitely a project that you won’t want to miss.  Look out next week for our first Shadow Stuart competition.”

To join Bleeding London, email

Images © Del Barrett ARPS.  Top: A not very good selfie.  Bottom: Draycott Avenue, SW3.