Greg's In. Are You?

26 March 2014

Region: London

Greg Lambert LRPS has joined Bleeding London.

“I enjoy photography - all aspects of photography.  Whether it’s a lecture on a particular topic, viewing an exhibition, taking pictures, learning new software techniques or trying something new when taking a photograph I find it all interesting and rewarding.  I don’t shoot any one particular genre such as wildlife or landscapes but rather I am inclined to push the shutter button on anything which is in front of my lens.

I started taking pictures on film back in the 70’s and even managed a small dark room to develop my films and pictures.  Although my photographs weren’t terrific at least I managed to learn the basics of photography before automation was around to help out!  After a long hiatus my interest in photography was rekindled when I was given a digital camera for my birthday 6 years ago.  Digital has opened new horizons and with more time available to enjoy the hobby I have managed to learn more and hopefully improved my photograph skills and images.

I joined the City of London and Cripplegate Photographic Society and through a lecture there I learned about the distinction program offered by the RPS.  With a bit of work I managed to achieve the LRPS and of course now the challenge is to try to advance to the next level.  Fortunately my partner Susi shares my passion for photography and we have enjoyed shooting around London, some trips to photograph the white horses in the Camargue, the puffins on the Farne islands and even braved the unpredictable weather to shoot some of the beautiful landscapes in the north west of Scotland.

I signed up to help with the Bleeding London project for two reasons.  One is the enormity of the task and the realisation that it will only be successful with the help of a lot of hands, and two, it gives me yet another excuse to pick up my camera and take photographs.  Having recently moved south of the river I plan so shoot some of the area around Canada Water.  This area continues to evolve and it will be fun to shoot some of the streets to try to capture a flavour of this changing area.”

Link to Greg’s Flickr stream here:

Image: (Top) Greg © Tim; (Bottom) The Dividing Line, Byward St, EC3R © Greg Lambert LRPS.