Mike's In. Are You?

27 March 2014

Region: London

Mike Chopra-Gant has joined Bleeding London to explore the extraordinary everyday.

Many years ago a teacher asked my class what we would do if we knew we only had a week to live. Unhesitatingly I replied (to be bewilderment of my teacher) that I’d go to London and spend the time wandering the streets, taking in the sights and sounds. Growing up in South Wales in the 70s, London seemed so impossibly exotic and exciting; the streets themselves buzzed with a thrilling energy and offered a world of possibility. I moved here as soon as I was able and it would take a lot to get me to leave (maybe for New York, but then again…)

For me, then, Bleeding London offers the opportunity to reawaken the teenage self that so longed for London, and to explore the extraordinary everyday that lies within London’s beautiful, ugly streets.

Follow Mike’s work on Flickr.

Image: (Top) Mike Chopra-Gant; (Bottom) Freedom Road, Broadwater Farm Estate, N17  © Mike Chopra-Gant.

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Penny Dixie
27 March 2014

Enjoyed your blog... loved the idea behind your join up

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