Penny's In. Are You?

20 March 2014

Region: London

Penny Dixie LRPS has joined Bleeding London and will be bringing the wilder side of life to the project.

“I’ve been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember and although I’ve dabbled in portraiture, wedding photography and little bits of commercial work, it’s wildlife and nature photography that really float my boat.  I’ve usually got a hugely heavy camera bag with me, with DSLRs and big, long lenses in, but I live in Stoke Newington, in the heart of Hackney and it’s not always practical or sensible.  

But, I never let a day go past without taking a photo.  I used to carry a compact camera in my pocket but these days I use my iPhone all the time.  I love the freedom that it gives me to be spontaneous and creative.  I’m a firm believer in a saying that goes something along the lines of ‘the best camera to have, is the one that's in your hand’.  I use a few apps too and my current favourite is ‘Tadaa’.

'Bleeding London' is a really exciting project.  Yes, it’s huge and quite daunting but it will do me good to get out and about and do some more photography in Stoke Newington.   I could do with a reason to spend some time away from my computer screen and actually go for a walk.  Last time I did any photography close to home was a commission for images for postcards from the local independent greeting cards shop, Earlybird. 

I’m hoping to drum up lots of support for Bleeding London in my local community.  It is a project that everybody can join in with and as an ex-Hackney education professional, it’s the accessibility of the idea which is one of the aspects that appeals to me most about the whole thing.  No fancy camera or fancy software needed just a willingness to join in and have a bit of fun.  It’s always good to put Hackney on the map too.  I’ve lived in Hackney for over 30 years and love the place.

Given my interest in nature and wildlife photography, I am expecting to be drawn towards photographing the ‘natural’ elements of my local street scenes and environment.  Hackney has some beautiful parks and nature reserves as well as hidden gems along the canal-sides. The trees are coming into blossom now, the window boxes have pretty bulbs in and the squirrels, foxes and parakeets are all telling me that spring is on the way.  It’s  a good time to be out with a camera.

'London, Naturally' is RPS London’s newest micro-group and 'Bleeding London' will provide a great shared focus for this group too.  Lots to work on together.   

I’m in!”

Images © Penny Dixie LRPS.  

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20 March 2014

Looking good Pennie ;o) Bob

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