Prashant's In. Are You?

19 March 2014

Region: London

Prashant Meswani LRPS has joined the growing band of participants ...

"I was born in and grew up in London, and up until I started photography, I only really knew about the tourist hotspots and never really appreciated the aesthetics that London has to bring to the wider community.

I started Digital Photography around 3 years ago and bought my first DSLR camera shortly after starting a digital photography course with the Open University. When I am not doing portraiture photography, or working, I go to various places within the London area. My favourite places include Richmond Park, Brick Lane, The London Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Barnes and The South Bank (The Skateboard Park). Other than The South Bank, the other places I enjoy going to is not something that attracts tourists in large numbers.

I started to get involved in Street photography thanks to a Facebook Group called The London Photo Walk. The Facebook group opened my eyes to the various areas of London that need discovering

Like many of the other Bleeding London folks, I joined the group to diversify my knowledge of London and also meet up with other photographers and meet a common goal, to complete a picture of everything London."

Image: Perivale Bridge (A40), W13 © Prashant Meswani LRPS