Sarah and Georg are in. Are you?

17 March 2014

Region: London

Within days of joining the RPS, Sarah and Georg signed up to Bleeding London.

“As a newcomer to the world of photography, I’ve joined the RPS as it gives me a huge network to help me get started! Bleeding London is such an exciting project, and one that has such a fresh take on London life - having experienced the ups and downs of the Big Smoke personally, I feel closely connected to the project, which also offers a really great way to see new parts of the city that I would otherwise have never explored. The fact that the people of London will actually benefit from Bleeding London makes it an even more amazing venture.

I love nature/the environment and hope to capture some shots of London's wildlife on my travels! I am also interested in food, especially grow-your-own, so it will be fun to see what I can find growing around the capital...” (Sarah Standen)

“Last year I fell in love with Sarah in Vienna, my birthplace, and she had to move back to London, we decided to continue our adventure in the UK! I’ve just joined the RPS as it gives me a great opportunity to get in touch with professional photographers. I like to be part of a pool of experiences, knowledge and inspiration, which is exactly what the RPS offers me! Sometimes the world of photography seems to be closed to outsiders, and to find out that it’s actually the same world we are living in is just such a great thing! A camera is a tool and the entire world is our working place.

I like to photograph daily life, and have been particularly interested in moss recently, having discovered copious amounts of it all around London! I'm also keen to capture images of the darker, dirtier side of the big city.” (Georg Whittman)

Image: Sarah and Georg © Roger Kelly