Shadow Stuart

22 March 2014

Region: London

Throughout Bleeding London, we’ll be offering a number of opportunities to shadow Stuart London (one of the characters from the book) as he walks the length and breadth of the capital.  There will be a small prize for the winner, although the fun is in the taking part!

As Stuart wanders the streets, the reader is invited to share glimpses of everyday (and in some cases, not so everyday) life that he observes on his route.  We have chosen one such observation from one street and we’re asking participants to guess what and where it is.  Since many of you had not yet had the chance to read the book, we’re not providing any clues, so everyone has the same chance of luck being on their side.

The game is quite simple.  Take a picture of anything in any street (If you’re looking for inspiration, try one of the suggestions we’ve made over the past two weeks).  But remember, the book was published in 1997, so we don’t want to see pictures of smartphones, iPads and other 21st Century devices, although of course, they can be used to take pictures of the topic.

Send your favourite image (entitled with your name) to us at before Monday morning, and remember to tell us where it was taken.  We’ll be marking the submissions on two criteria:  (i)  How close your location is to Stuart (ii) How closely your observation matches that of Stuart.  The person with the most points will be declared the winner.

If you've only just joined the project, you can find previous suggestions here and here.  And if you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here or by emailing