Susi's In. Are You?

25 March 2014

Region: London

Susi Luard has joined Bleeding London to record the changing face of SE16.

“My introduction to photography about 3 years ago happened when I was Greg Lambert's packhorse, carrying his photographic gear for him.  One day I decided to have a go while waiting for him and the rest is history!  I shoot with Canon DSLR, Leica compact and iPhone depending on what I have with me while on the move.  I don't restrict myself to any genre - urban & street, journalistic, landscape, architecture, wildlife & not so wildlife.  The worse the weather the more I am determined to go out there and shoot!  Whenever I can, I give my photographic services to non-profit making organisations.  I'm currently the secretary of the City of London and Cripplegate Society and I plan to join RPS as a family member soon.  I remain an amateur - someone who loves photography!

I joined Bleeding London as I know I would enjoy it and would love to contribute to this commendable huge undertaking which I think is a great way of recording contemporary life and cityscape for future generations.  The face of London changes so rapidly and I intend to record the changing face of the area I live in, which is SE16.  I anticipate my shots to be a mix of 'street' and architectural. The area around Canada Water has gone through a vast amount of development in the last few years and is still changing right now.”

Images:  (Top) Susi Luard © Ellen Hau; (Bottom) Boris Johnson on Digger, St Clements EC3 © Susi Luard.

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Penny Dixie
25 March 2014

I'm intrigued to hear about the City of London and Cripplegate Society .... look forward to meeting you

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