Wilcey & Izzi Are In. Are You?

21 March 2014

Region: London

Our first family membership!  Mother and daughter team, Wilcey and Izzi, have joined Bleeding London.  Many London members will remember them from last year’s London 1853 – they were two of the nine who completed the full 24 hour shoot.

“I am so very excited about the Bleeding London Project, I've not had an opportunity to read the book yet, but have been hugely inspired by the concept. I love to snap in cities, and London is my very favourite city to snap. I can jump on the train with my daughter and just wander, it's steeped in history and around every corner there is a literary connection or a film set. For us to document our city street by street with friends, family, kids, clubs or whatever is such an incredible thing to be part of.  Move over Google Street View, Bleeding London is going to tell the tale of our city!” (Rachel Wilce LRPS)

More stuff from Wilcey here.

“I'm 18 and in college, and I'm excited to be a part of Bleeding London. I enjoy taking photographs when I'm not studying, and love shooting the city with my mum and my aunt. I am also very privileged to be documenting everyone’s progress on the official tumblr page!” (Izzi Joy Rowand)

Images -  Top: Wilcey and Izzi by each other; Middle: Leicester Square by Rachel Wilce LRPS; Bottom: Sloane Street by Izzi Joy Rowand.


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Stewart Wall
21 March 2014

Very nice, especially the one walking around the fountain. Well done

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Penny Dixie
21 March 2014

I love the images :-)

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