A Day at the Seaside

26 May 2014

Region: London

What better way to spend a Bleeding London bank holiday than at the seaside?


But we’re not asking you to physically make your way to the beach, just to a street with a seaside name, such as Margate Rd SW2, Scarborough St E1, Eastbourne Gardens SW14, Filey Ave N16, Blackpool Rd SE16, Clacton Rd E17, Southend Close SE9, Mablethorpe Rd SW6.  And then there are seaside related streets that include sand, beach and rock in the name.


Bonus points for anything seaside-like from postcodes BR, EN, IG, RM and SM – we have no streets from these areas yet!  (BPCC 0526).

Thanks for the suggeston Bob!


Image: Pier Road, E16 © Colin Pattenden


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