Alison's In. Are You?

08 May 2014

Region: London

Alison will be documenting Feltham for Bleeding London.

 “My name is Alison and I was born and have lived and worked in London for most of my life.I've always loved to take photos and I finally bit the bullet in December 2010 when I bought my first DLSR – a Nikon D5000.  I then hardly used it for a year and a half, being scared of dropping it, breaking, it damaging it, not using it properly, and so on.   Finally I took a beginner’s course in February 2012, and then soon after started studying for a Photography degree course with the Open College of Arts.   Since then I haven’t looked back!

My interests are still developing and they bounce around between landscape, wildlife, travel, urban, and conceptual work, but what really excites me is Street Photography - “the decisive moment” – constantly looking for resonance, twists, turns, irony, comedy, and the unexpected in everyday life.   I love to walk, look and snap!

I first heard about Bleeding London through the Crossing Lines LIP/Goldsmiths group that I am a member of.  Crossing Lines are documenting the very Edges of the London A-Z as part of Bleeding London.  But I also wanted to make a bigger contribution and document the area of Feltham (grid 129 of the A-Z), where I currently live, as part of the main project.  I’m really looking forward to getting started and hope to produce something different from this and show another side of life in London, whether good, bad or ugly!

I currently don’t have a website, but if anyone wants to contact me, they can message me through my “postcards” blog on Facebook”.

 Images:  (Top) Alison © Dave Mason; (Bottom) Piccadilly Circus, WC2 © Alison Adcock