Feral Furniture

03 May 2014

Region: London


Today’s suggestion in Bleeding London comes from the author, Geoff Nicholson:

“Feral Furniture – one of my ongoing interests – there are lots of abandoned sofas and TVs abandoned all over Los Angeles, often in quite posh areas – and I know it goes on in London too”.

Indeed it does and today we’re asking Bleeding Londoners to go and find some.

We can’t actually find any furniture related street names, but there are plenty of streets that contain furniture words within the name, for example, Bede Close and any of the Bedfords, Barnstables, Constables or Whitstables.  So today’s bonus points will be awarded for names containing items of furniture and double bonus points for finding feral furniture on an of these streets.


Image:  Manor Road, N19 © Geoff Nicholson


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