Fire Gaps

24 May 2014

Region: London

Today’s suggestion in Bleeding London comes from Jonathan Taylor:


“ ‘We need to pull down some buildings,’ [Stuart] replied.  ‘We have to create large fire gaps.  Nothing else will get the job done.’

The Queen nodded sadly but saw the absolute correctness of what Stuart had said.  Then she asked him which buildings would have to come down, and without hesitation he reeled off a list of names:  the NatWest Tower, Centrepoint, King’s Cross Station, Canary Wharf, Harrods, the Civil Aviation Authority building, the whole of the South Bank complex, everything ever built by Quinlan Terry. [...] ‘And I’m afraid Buckingham Palace is going to have to come down too.’”  (Bleeding London, by Geoff Nicholson, Kindle Edition, Location 3366).


Today we’re looking for the buildings that you would vaporise to create fire gaps - or any of the buildings that Stuart suggests.


Bonus points for Quinlan Terry Buildings (BPCC 0524).


Image: Civil Aviation Authority Buidling, Kingsway, WC2  © Jonathan Taylor


We asked some Bleeding Londoners which buildings they would vaporise:

St George Wharf, SW8 – the new apartment blocks South West of Vauxhall Bridge.” (Jonathan Taylor).

“As the gods already seem to have chosen that one [The Shard] I’ll go for the Walkie Talkie (20 Fenchurch St). It’s already melted cars so we’d better vaporise it before it vaporises us!” (Jen Pendler, following the lightning strike on The Shard)

“Palace of Westminster, but only if both chambers were full at the time, and only because the headquarters of UKIP, BNP and English democratic party are in Devon, Cumbria and Norfolk respectively.” (Mike Chopra-Gant LRPS)

“No 1 Poultry as it was a criminal act to tear down the fairytale castle of Mappin and Webb to build it.” (Del Barrett ARPS)

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