Jessica's In. Are You?

06 May 2014

Region: London

Our youngest member yet Jessica aged just 8 is a fully fledged member of the RPS and loves nothing more than taking photographs of her local town, Caistor in Lincolnshire. 


When asked why she is looking forward to taking images for Bleeding London on her next trip to the capital, she answered saying   


"Because London has even more interesting things that I can take photographs of, especially the Big Red Phone Boxes"

Jessica recently followed her classmates on a Geography Walk around her home town and the local Water Hills with her camera. Her images showed the way the utilities like water and gas and the local landscape are used by people.  One of her images pleased her head teacher so much it now hangs as a 20x16 canvas on the school foyer wall so all visitors can see it.

Images: (Top) Jessica © Stewart Wall; (Bottom) © Jessica Wall