Our Feathered Friends

10 May 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for birds in Bleeding London today.


There are thousands (perhaps even millions?) of birds in London and we’d like to see some of them today.  As well as our feathered friends in any street, there are also plenty of bird opportunities from the street names.  There are Albatrosses (Close, Gardens, Street and Way), Blackbirds (Court, Hill, Yard and Lane), Chaffinches, Cuckoos, Ducks, Eagles (all 29 of them), Kingfishers, Larks, Magpies, Peacocks, Sparrows, Starlings, Thrushes, Woodpeckers, and probably many more. 


There are bonus points for exotic birds, so Toucan Close (NW10), Emu Road (SW8), Flamingo Court (SE18 and SE8), Flamingo Gardens  (UB5) would fit the bill.  And for double points, we’re looking for the only Pigeon in London, which is Pigeon Lane in TW12.  With so many pigeons in London, it’s surprising that only one street has been named after our urban bird.  There are triple points on offer for a pigeon in Pigeon Lane, a toucan in Toucan Close etc.


Image:  Tideway Walk, SW8  © Mark Phillips LRPS


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