Pie, Mash and Liquor

03 May 2014

Region: London

There’s great excitement at BL HQ as we prepare for the arrival of Bleeding London author Geoff Nicholson.

We have a weekend of walks and events with Geoff planned for the 17th and 18th May (details for 17th here and 18th here) and it’s all free!  Well, nearly all …

The highlight of the weekend will be the Bleeding London launch party at The Cave in Greenwich on the 17th.  Bleeding Londoners will have the chance to cross off their streets on the jumbo map, we’ll be announcing a very exciting prize to be won (spoiler alert  – look who’s following us on Twitter!) and we’ll be starting the selection process for the images that will appear in the final exhibition.   

We think the honour of the first image should go to the novel’s author – Geoff Nicholson – but the second image will be the winner of our GMT competition (click here for details).  So if you’re at a loose end this weekend, get yourselves over to Greenwich and find that prize-winning pic!

And as if that’s not enough, we’re offering a pie, mash and liquor supper for £5 a head.  This is a very traditional London meal where the liquor sauce is made out of the water used for cooking eels before they were jellied (stemming from the days that the Thames was so dirty, that only eels could survive in its murky depths).   We’re offering the traditional meat version, a cheese and onion vegetarian alternative and a soya based vegan option – all served with mashed potato and liquor sauce (the vegetarian sauce is made with pure tap water in which no eels have stewed though!).  Luvverly Jubberly!

To book a ticket for the party, use the online booking facility here and for the other various events on the 17th May, book here. And to book your pie, email london@rps.org stating how many pie suppers you want,  indicating meat, veggie or vegan.

Image:  Shepherd's Gate Clock @ Norman Smith LRPS



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Arments Pie And Mash
22 March 2015

Still looking for traditional pie and mash. It it available to buy or be delivered to your door. Come down to Arments or check our <a href="http://armentspieandmash.com">website</a> for great pie and mash.

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