Silvia's In. Are You?

02 May 2014

Region: London

Silvia’s In.  Are You?


Silvia has joined Bleeding London and is going to show that every London street has its own magic!


“My name is Silvia, I'm originally from Italy and I moved to London at the end of November last year. 


I've always loved to take pictures and I took a couple of courses years back in my native town on the Ligurian Riviera and then in Rome, where I lived for 10 years. 


I used to have a DSLR but I sold it in favor of my mobile and my Samsung Galaxy Camera.  It makes the uploading and sharing sooooo much easier and quicker...patience being a lifelong issue for me :D


Ever since I got to London my passion for photography has been on fire again - so much that I do want to make it more than just a hobby! 


This city is a photographic heaven! Every corner, every street, every single stone is picture-worthy.  You can go to the same spot 100 times and catch a different angle or perspective or character every time.


Needless to say I'm deeply in LOVE!


I joined the Bleeding London project because it's perfect for me as I love to wander through London's streets, gardens, squares, and numberless alleys and shoot everything that catches my eye. 


My favourite subjects are urban landscapes, architecture, shapes, symmetries, colours, and lines. People are usually not my thing, unless they're functional to the picture and add to the composition.  Of course I also adore the many worldwide famous landmarks of this city, no matter how many times they have already been portrayed. 


My goal is to find a point of interest in every single street I'll shoot, no matter how small or apparently less important or significant. I want to show that every single London street has its own magic.


Aside from photography, I'm a self-published author (my book Be Badass, Inc. will soon be available on Amazon Kindle) and a translator. 


Happy snapping to all the other photographers involved! 

See you on the streets of London!


You can find me on”

Images:  (Top) Silvia © Del Barrett ARPS; (Bottom) Sackville Street, W1S © Silvia Mick