05 May 2014

Region: London

Today’s suggestion for Bleeding London is to find some textures.


For those attending the Text and Texture walk today, this is a very easy suggestion, since Bleeding Londoner Dan Hills will be guiding us through the flaky, the peeling and the tactile. 


Elsewhere, any texture related street is acceptable – maybe start with the textiles, such as Cloth Fair, any of the Cottons or Wool Road; then there are the Woods, Timbers and Barks; no paint, but plenty of Painters or even Rust Square.


Bonus points today for a texture in a texture street, but double bonus points if the texture is the same as the name.  In other words, a picture of bark in Cloth Fair would earn points, but a picture of something rusty in Rust Square would yield double points.


Image:  Trafalgar Square, SW1Y  © Dan Hills

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