Bleeding London – Phase II

01 November 2014

Region: London

Today we start Phase II of Bleeding London

First of all, well done to all the wonderful Bleeding Londoners that have made this project possible.  At BL Towers, we’re very excited about the quality of images in the portfolio which show the diversity of our wonderful capital city and we’re looking forward to phase II.

We’ll be sending out full details of Phase II on Monday, but in brief, we’ll be bringing you one of the selected images each day, revisiting some of the bonus points ideas, calling for infill in particular areas and announcing the deadlines for uploads for specific areas as we know that many of you still have hundreds of images on your hard drives.

Today’s featured image is SW1 Aylesford St by Roger Kelly showing Bleeding London author, Geoff Nicholson, being interviewed by Will Cheung FRPS at the launch of the project. 

Upload Deadline - Midnight on Sunday for any images of Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square.

Bonus Points - Streets beginning with A.

There are two points for streets from the following list:

Adler St (E1), Amazon St (E1), Abbotts Close (N1), Affleck St (N1), Acklington Drive (NW9), Adams Close (NW9), Aberdeen Terrace (SE3), All Saints Drive (SE3), Abbotsleigh Road (SW16), Abbotswood Road (SW16), Abbey Parade (W5), Ainsdale Road (W5).

And five points for those from the following list:

Abbots Drive (HA2), Abercorn Crescent (HA2), Andrew Close (DA1), Abbey Road (EN1), Abercrombie Drive (EN1), Adelaide Road (IG1) and Aden Road (IG1).

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 011114) to the description field on the upload page.

Image: SW1 Aylesford Street © Roger Kelly


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