Bleeding London – Phase II, Day 12

12 November 2014

Region: London

WCs in a muddle

The deadline for WC1 was last Sunday.  However, when we started checking the uploads against the master list, we found that a lot of BL’ers are getting their WC1s muddled with their WC2s and their Ws.  We’re therefore going to make the WC selection in one go, when we have the WC2 images as well.  THERE IS NOW A NEW DEADLINE FOR ALL STREETS FROM WC1, WC2 AND W1 – SUNDAY NOVEMBER 30TH. So a second chance to add the Christmas lights of the West End.

Upload Deadline – The other deadlines can be downloaded from here.  This week, we’ll be closing: SW5, NW6, KT6, SW4, SE2, WC2 as well as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, so if you have any pix from these areas, it’s time to upload them.

Bonus Points Our postcodes of the week are:  SW2, SE19, E5, NW11, HA2, IG6, UB3 and EN3, so there are points for any streets from these areas.  There are some interesting WCs around (architecturally speaking), so there are bonus points for public conveniences today and we’ll multiply them by ten if they’re from our postcodes of the week.

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 121114)  

Image: NW1 Medburn Street © Del Barrett ARPS


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