Bleeding London – Phase II, Day 18

18 November 2014

Region: London

The Houghtons

As part of our Instagram Chain Reaction, today’s featured image, chosen by Keith Houghton, is (unsurprisingly!) W4 Houghton Lane by Stephanie Butters.

Upload Deadline – The next deadlines can be downloaded from here.  This week, we’ll be closing: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SW3, NW8, W4, KT7 and DA8 so if you have any pix from these areas, it’s time to upload them.

Bonus Points Our postcodes this week are on the critical list and so each day this week, there will be ten bonus points for any new streets from these areas:  BR2, E4, N17 and NW9 (click here to access the downloads of the streets that need doing).

There are two bonus points for Houghton Close (E8), Houghton Court (EC1), Houghton Road (N15), Houghton Square (SW9) and ten points for Houghton Close (TW12).

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 181114) to the description box.

Image: W4 Houghton Lane © Stephanie Butters


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