Bleeding London – Phase II, Day 3

03 November 2014

Region: London

Today we want to finish the “Royal” streets.

We need another sixty-one streets that begin with the word “Royal”.  The pdf can be downloaded from here.  If you have any of these images, please can you upload them as soon as possible.  If you think you can go and cover any of these streets within the next week, let us know (email and we’ll mark them as ‘pending’.

We’ll be sending out full details of Phase II later today, but in brief, we’ll be bringing you one of the selected images each day, revisiting some of the bonus points ideas, calling for infill in particular areas and announcing the deadlines for uploads for specific areas as we know that many of you still have hundreds of images on your hard drives.  In the meantime, keep snapping and uploading!

Today’s featured image is SW1 The Mall from Richard Jane.  We love this pic and we’re pleased that the royals are in Bleeding London.

Upload Deadline - Midnight on Wednesday 5th November for any more images from N19.

Bonus Points – One point for any of the outstanding “Royal” streets, double points if they’re the ones needed from the ‘burbs.

Don’t forget to add the bonus point code (BPCC 031114) to the description field on the upload page.

Image: SW1 The Mall © Richard Jane


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