1,000 Uploads – Day 1: Boarded Up

14 October 2014

Region: London

Celebrating David Beard’s 1,000th upload to the Bleeding London portfolio, we’re looking for things that are boarded up. 


Five BL’ers have uploaded more than 1,000 uploads to the portfolio site, so this week we’ll be celebrating the 1,000th uploads and taking our inspiration from these star BL’ers (in alphabetical order). 


Congratulations to David Beard for doing such a cracking job in the Croydon area.  David’s 1,000th upload shows a boarded up factory and we would like to see other parts of London that are boarded up, which, in the light of all the construction work, should not be a difficult task.


This week, we’re still looking for streets from the less covered postcodes, and today’s are:  BR8, DA8, N18, E12 and SE28.   Any street from these areas will receive a bonus point and there are ten points available for boarded-up places in these postcodes.  (BPCC 1410).


Image: CR0 Milton Avenue ©  David Beard


We’re still looking for post-people for some of the postcode areas. If you can help co-ordinate the streets that have been covered and arrange some coverage of your area, please drop us a line at london@rps.org.


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