Bonus Extravaganza

05 October 2014

Region: London

Earn extra bonus points in Bleeding London today!

Thank you all for your suggestions for the daily inspiration!  A lot of the ideas have already been done, but they were so early on in the project that many BL’ers might not be aware of them.  For this week only, therefore, we are going to offer a second chance to snap some of these ideas and award generous bonus points for uploads from some of the areas where we need a lot more coverage.

  • Choose any of the daily inspirational ideas from the first four weeks of the project (downloadable as pdfs from here). 
  • Select a postcode where need more streets covered (downloadable from here).  If you’re planning on a marathon session, then email us first to get the up-to-date street list (
  • Take a picture that is inspired by one of the ideas and upload it to the portfolio website.
  • For each image from these areas, we are awarding TEN bonus points.  We’ll double that for images that reflect one of the inspirational ideas from weeks 1 to 4.
  • Remember to add the bonus point claim code (BPCC 0510) to the description box. 
  • And don’t forget whoever has the most bonus points at the end of the project will win an Olympus camera!

Image: E17 Eden Grove © Francis Gallagher


We’re still looking for post-people for some of the postcode areas. If you can help co-ordinate the streets that have been covered and arrange some coverage of your area, please drop us a line at


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