Four Seasons IV - Spring

03 October 2014

Region: London

We finish the seasons with spring – full of hope and optimism.

So today we’re looking for any spring-like pictures, particularly the streets with spring-like names:  Brownspring, Dunspring, Leyspring etc., not to mention all the Spring Groves, Places, Gardens, Roads, Lanes, Ways and the Springfields, Springwells, Springwaters ... ; then there are things like April and Crocuses – all in all, quite a lot of spring!

We’re offering one bonus point for each spring named street from the suburbs with double points for those in the EN and HA areas.  (BPCC 0310). 

Image: TW11 Springfield Road © Alan Roderick


We’re still looking for post-people for some of the postcode areas. If you can help co-ordinate the streets that have been covered and arrange some coverage of your area, please drop us a line at


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