Right as Rain

09 October 2014

Region: London

In anticipation of more rain, we want to see your best rainy pix over the next few days.


Umbrellas, reflections, long exposure, buses causing puddles, streets through drop-laden windows, wet hair, running mascara, wet feet – we’re looking for anything to do with rain.


Bonus points for any streets with the word “rain” in the name and double points if they’re in the suburbs.  We’re giving out ten bonus points for any streets of any subject from the following postcode areas:  E5; N2l SE27; SW16 and we’ll double those points if they are rain related.  (BPCC 0910)


Image: W2 Harrow Road  © Ronan Duffaud


And continuing our bonus extravaganza, you can claim bonus points for any topic from weeks nine to twelve (downloadable from here) in any of the postcodes listed above.


We’re still looking for post-people for some of the postcode areas. If you can help co-ordinate the streets that have been covered and arrange some coverage of your area, please drop us a line at london@rps.org.


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