Battleships - Round 2

15 September 2014

Region: London

Jen Pedlar has been commissioned to be our Battleship Commander and has devised an ingenious way of keeping our Battleships game going.  The Rules of Engagement and FAQ can be downloaded from here

In brief ...

  • You choose a square of the A to Z that has not yet been covered from the grid for the week.  This week's can be downloaded from here.
  • On completion of a square ie. when the streets are uploaded, points are awarded - one point per street for central London and two points per street for the outer postcodes.  (NB the popular postcodes are a battle-free zone).
  • You will then gain further points depending on how many squares you have completed.  For example, if you complete 3 squares you will be awarded a submarine and the total points for those squares will be multiplied by 3, if you complete 6 squares you will be awarded an aircraft carrier (5 squares x 5) plus a tug (1 square x 1).
  • If you've already contributed to Bleeding London, you can claim battleship points retrospectively - see the Rules of Engagement for details.

The winner will be the player with the most points by the 31st October and will receive one year's free subscription to the RPS.

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Raju Sinha
15 September 2014

The photograph of battleship is well documented. This is a very important picture. During Late Margaret Thatcher country on a brink of war with Argentina in 80's.

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