03 September 2014

Region: London

Today, in Bleeding London, we’re taking a leaf out of the Bechers’ book and looking for industrial scenes.

We have another suggestion today from Gandha Key, who would like to see some “Power stations, water coolers, gasometers a la Bechers”.  There’s a lot of industry in London and we haven’t seen much evidence of it yet, so let’s try and change that over the next week or two.

There are bonus points for any streets on which there are industrial estates.  Double bonus points for any typologies in the style of the Bechers (example here).  (BPCC 0309).

Image: N7 Stock Orchard Street © Gandha Key


If you’ve come across anything interesting on your travels and think it would make a good suggestion for other BL’ers, drop us a line at


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