Literary London – Day 5

26 September 2014

Region: London

Our literary quest turns to popular fiction today in Bleeding London.

J RR Tolkein, J K Rowlng, Dan Brown, Agatha Christie and Jack Higgins all have something in common – at least one of their books has sold more than 50 million copies  We want to represent the popular fiction in Bleeding London, so today we’re looking for streets named after popular authors or related to their books.

The overall best-selling author is J K Rowling, so we’re offering bonus points for anything Harry Potter related.  Additionally, we'd like images of Londoners reading, so we're offering double bonus points for these.  (BPCC 2609)

Image: EN4 Potters Road © Gordana Johnson


We’re still looking for post-people for some of the postcode areas. If you can help co-ordinate the streets that have been covered and arrange some coverage of your area, please drop us a line at


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26 September 2014

I have to say I really love this photo. Well caught Gordana!

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