On (and off) yer bike!

02 September 2014

Region: London

We’re looking for bikes today in Bleeding London and celebrating our 17,000th upload.

Today’s suggestion comes from Jen Pedler, who is suggesting that we look for all sorts of bikes – not just those cycling down the road (or rather being “cycled”) – but parked bikes, abandoned bikes, bike signs and bits of bikes.  And by coincidence, our 17,000th upload to the ultimate portfolio was a cycling accessory.  Congratulations to Nicolas Chinardet on uploading the 17,000th image!

There are bonus points for any streets that have rows of Boris bikes and shops selling bikes – double bonus points for The Bike Shed in Ripple Road in IG11, the Tricycle Cinema and the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn.  We’re offering treble bonus points for Bicycle Mews in SW4 and all the Sadllers (Close, Mews, Park, Walk, Way) in the suburbs. (BPCC 0109)

Image: SE17 Cotham Street  © Nicolas Chinardet


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