Private Property

06 September 2014

Region: London

Celebrating the 18,000th upload to Bleeding London, we’re looking for signs and notices relating to private property.

BL’ers have commented on the number of signs that we now see around the capital indicating that a street is private property. Many of the notices relate only to cars and parking leaving the pedestrian free to wander along the street; but some streets are completely barred to the flaneur, as more estates are turning to gating.    

In celebration of the 18,000th upload, we’d like to see lots of “Private” and “Keep out” signs.  They are flourishing all over London and so there are no excuses not to take at least one picture today.

Bonus points for any signs taken in one of the following postcodes:  DA18; E18; NW18 and double bonus points for “Private Road” in EN1.  (BPCC 0609)

Image: CR0 Parkfields © David Beard


If you’ve come across anything interesting on your travels and think it would make a good suggestion for other BL’ers, drop us a line at


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