DVJ Symposium - All Welcome

03 April 2015

Region: London

On April 19th, some of the London members are venturing over the border into the Southern Region for the DVJ Symposium on War Photography.

As well as a cracking line-up of speakers, visitors will get the chance to visit the exhibition, Then and Now, of  photographs to commemorate WWI - the result of a year’s project run by the DVJ.

Why not join us? 

Further details and booking info can be found by clicking the above links and if you have any questions, email dvj@rps.org.


Image © Ali Baskerville ARPS

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Raju Sinha
03 April 2015

There should be little cuts on defence. More soldiers on recruit better it is.
War is inevitable but peace should be promoted. War is a measure for killing the criminals and war is defensive for the countries that are insecure.

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