Get Ready for World Pinhole Day

22 April 2015

Region: London

Get Ready for World Pinhole Day

If you’ve never tried pinhole photography, here’s a good excuse to give it a go.  This Sunday is world pinhole day, when thousands of people around the world will be taking pinhole pictures. 

Pinhole cameras are available commercially, but part of the fun is to make your own – the inspiring instructables website has a good set of instructions here and if you need some help in calculating the exposure time, there’s a good article here.

When you’ve taken your pic, you can upload it to the Pinhole Day website.

If you’re in London this weekend, there are some pinhole events at the Doomed Gallery (details here and on Facebook).  If you know of any other events, leave a comment and a link below.  If you're not in London, there are events happening worldwide - check here to see if there's something in your area.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, check out this page from Lomography.


Image:  Selfie © Roger Kelly (7 minute exposure at c. f120).