My Vortographs

04 April 2015

Region: London

I have had several comments on my kaleidoscopes images, so a little note to describe how they were taken.

During my recent A level course I came across some images by Alvin Langdon Coburn which were labelled vortographs. Other photographers have produced some elaborate images.

The technique intrigued me and I decided to try and make images in a similar vain.

I set about investigating how I could construct something to attach to my camera. I came across ideas from the internet.

I brought 3 compact mirrors from Sainsbury and took out the plain mirrors and formed a triangular tube by taping them together, the tube formed was ideal to fit across a 62mm UV filter, so I could thread onto my lens.

A bit Heath Robinson, but gaffer tape was used to hold everything together as below.

And I found that a 40g Pringle container ideal holder for my kaleidoscope attachment.

It’s quite fun using the kaleidoscope. Once a subject is found you have to move the camera around or change position to hopefully obtain an interesting vortograph.

I have uploaded some of my favourite images here on the RPS website.

Image: E4 Albert Crescent © Dave Allen