The Story Behind the Image - Prashant

09 April 2015

Region: London

I love wildlife photography, especially around Birds, Deer, Ducks and wild flowers. However, I don't get the opportunity to see many Owls, so when I had the opportunity to see them in Beaconsfield at a private hide, whilst I was sceptical at first, I went for it.

I find wildlife, especially birds fascinating, as they are often shy when people are around and is often a challenge trying to take photos of them when they are in reasonable photographic distance from us.

For me, photographing Little Owls from 6am to 7pm was just another day out with my camera. Little did I know at the time that one of my images would be a hit with the judges in the camera club circuit.  It was also shortlisted for the RPS Membership Card competition towards the end of 2014.

It's gone from I don't like the image to I love this image, and it can be little bit overwhelming and intimidating at times, but the hard work and effort in producing these images have paid off. I simply cannot wait to photograph these Little Owls again.”


Image  © Prashant Meswani LRPS