The Story Behind the Image – Del

15 April 2015

Region: London

This may not be the most exciting image I’ve ever taken, but it is full of wonderful memories.  Last summer was one of the warmest on record, which was very good news for those of us who enjoy ‘dusk ‘til dawn’ photography.  I managed three all-nighters in London last year and thoroughly enjoyed every moment – there is an incredible camaraderie between fellow togs tramping the streets together in the small hours.  London never sleeps and as long as you know where to go, there are some fabulous photo opportunities including the night lights of the City (and if you can get into the Duck & Waffle, the views are stupendous), St Paul’s at dawn, Soho at midnight and Southbank at sunset.

But if you’re going to keep going throughout the night, you need to know where the refreshment and toilet stops are – and for a city that never sleeps, the latter are surprisingly few and far between (particularly on the Southbank at 5.00 am). 

Ferrari’s Snack Bar at Smithfield became a favourite with the night shift – there’s nothing like a toasted bacon sarnie and a mug of builder’s tea at 3.00 in the morning to revive flagging spirits.  And being a few steps away from the market, we were able to photograph all sorts of meat-related happenings as well. 

I’m writing this a few days before its publication and the weather may have improved by the time you read this, but from where I’m sitting at the moment, balmy summer nights seem a long, long away.

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By Del Barrett ARPS

Image © Del Barrett ARPS

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