Only 16 Days Left Until Christmas

09 December 2015

Region: London

Only 16 Days Left Until Christmas

More ideas for the ultimate Christmas stocking - today we share the things that the RPS London volunteers would like to find in theirs.

“My present to myself this Christmas is a little book by Martin Usborne "I've lived in East London for 86 1/2 years". It is in effect a series of "sound-bites" by Joseph Markovitch on his life illustrated by Martin Usborne's photographs - the title is self-explanatory. He covers topics such as "On Relationships", "On Religion", "On Jennifer Lopez". A great little stocking filler and the book that in fact prompted the start of Hoxton Mini Press, of which this is the first book.” (Judy, Webmistress)


“I’m hoping for a set of Lee ND filters for my stocking. I want to try my hand at some long exposure photography.” (Barry, London Media)


“When out and about with my camera buddies not much chance to stop and have a drink as we may miss the shot. What better way to have the taste and still be able to see the shot then a little Gin and Tonic lip balm? I’m keeping my gifts as small as possible so to get lots and still leave room for the big one.” (Lorraine, London Events & Distinctions)


"What I would like for Christmas, photographically speaking, is 7 days of blue, crisp (and cold – don’t mind cold) mornings.  And, being greedy, the time to go out with my camera to the coast, the mountains, even the park would do.  What will I get?  Another jumper!" (Dave of Dave’s Diary)


“You can never have too many books, but as photography books seem to be getting bigger and heavier, I think this year I need new bookshelves, as mine are now buckling.  But I can always find room for another book ... and my choice for this Christmas is Missing Buildings by Thom and Beth Atkinson (published by Hwaet Books).  A photographic treat of London streets with gaps where buildings used to be.”  (Del, London RO)


Image © Dave Harris LRPS