Author’s Pic – Our Pick

13 February 2015

Region: London

Author’s Pic – Our Pick

Normally on Fridays, our featured image is one that Bleeding London author, Geoff Nicholson, has selected from the BL portfolio.   However, modesty would forbid Geoff choosing one of his own images, so this week we thought we’d pick one of his.

When Geoff came over for the launch of the project last year, he enthusiastically joined in our weekend of walks and Meet-Ups and this is one of his images from his allocated block when we walked from Catford to Greenwich.

The photography part of Bleeding London has nearly finished, but it's not too late to join in - we have some odd little gaps scattered about the capital and some larger gaps in the N and E postcodes (email us at for details).  And if you want to join us for our next snapping trip, we're going to Tottenham on Sunday.  Details here.


Image:  SE4 Tressillian Road © Geoff Nicholson