How Many Es are there in Bleeding London?

26 February 2015

Region: London

How many Es are there in Bleeding London?  Not enough ...

The Bleeding London project is nearing completion, but we still don’t have enough streets from the E postcodes, which is surprising given that some of the most interesting photographic subjects can be found in that part of the capital.

We have large blocks still to do in:  E6, E7, E11, E12, E13, E14 (Poplar area) and we have small blocks in most of the other E postcodes.  If you can help, email us at

But not all of East London has been ignored.  Dave Allen has been pounding the streets of E4 and managed to cover all of the 461 streets in the area. 

“At a meeting of Urban London it was noted that an outstanding postcode for Bleeding London was E4. As I live in E4, I volunteered to take images of the area.

The E4 post code, primarily Chingford, is typical suburbia, pockets of Victorian housing stock with the majority of housing built between the 20’s and 50’s.  

The BL project has given me the opportunity to discover areas of Chingford previously unknown to me, even after living in the area for the last 20 years. A really enjoyable exercise, albeit my images are not the most dynamic, because of the suburban nature of the area.  There are no shortages of grey, green & brown wheelie bins in Chingford.

I did not have a particular theme for my images, but the majority of my images do have the street name plate as the subject. I am not sure if other photographers have taken images of E4, but I am very pleased with my achievement of completing E4 in its entirety and to have been able to contribute to such a large scale project

There are about a dozen images that I am proud of. My favourite image is of Bushey Close (pictured above).  This  was my most amusing image, I took about four shots getting closer with each shot and the cat just kept staring at me.


Cork Tree Retail Park, it was the most difficult to take, as there was limited access.  I like how I have managed to include the cork tree, which has a preservation Order, and the retail park’s signboard.

Carbis Close, this was one of my favourite night shots, although it took me two evenings to get the exposure about right.” (Dave Allen).


See more of Dave’s Bleeding London in his gallery.

All Images © Dave Allen