Finding Bleeding London - Book

20 January 2015

Region: London

Mike Longhurst FRPS has been first off the mark to produce a Bleeding London photo book.


“I'm a lazy photographer and with London all around me had not scratched the surface until the BL project came along. It took me time to take seriously, quantity being the enemy of quality and I started out snapping away with my obsolete little compacts. But as the bug got me, I finally took out the OMD E-M1 and even within the constraints of the 30 streets an hour target I had set myself, started to see some of what the city was all about. Thanks RPS for giving me a reason to go out and find Bleeding London.”


A preview and purchase details of Mike’s book – Finding Bleeding London - can be found here and the e-version here.


Image © Mike Longhurst FRPS