Introducing the London Team: Del

17 January 2015

Region: London

Following last week’s AGM, we thought it would be useful to introduce the London team and structure.  In terms of organisation, the plan is to have a small mothership at the centre (Regional Organiser, Deputy Regional Organiser, Treasurer and Events Co-Ordinator) with  most of the events, activities and projects being run by micro-groups as well as satellite groups created for a particular purpose, such as the Bleeding London exhibition or Capital Exposure Week


We’re starting the series with the London Regional Organiser, Del Barrett ARPS.


An RPS member since 2009, Del’s photographic interests are thoroughly urban and she enjoys tramping the streets of London in search of ideas and subjects.  Although she enjoys using retro and toy cameras, she mainly shoots digitally.  “I enjoy pottering around the darkroom and playing with the different chemicals and processes – I think I might have been a dealer in potions and spells in a former lifetime – but I’m too impatient to be an analogue purist.”


You can see some of Del’s work in her RPS Gallery.

Image © Roger Kelly (L: Danny Green; R: Del)