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26 January 2015

Region: London

Are you like me with a hard drive packed with images taken around town, are they ever likely to be seen by others? How about having a look at your local council website at their historic image collection and considering how your pics could fit in. You retain copyright but the archive makes a small charge for prints for personal use.  Think about having a word with your local heritage officer. That’s exactly what I did with Merton council and I couldn't have received a better response.

It just happens that Merton is celebrating its 50th birthday later in the year and want to try to have pictures/photographs of every street in the borough - does that sound familiar? .  So has anyone got photographs that would fit in? The Merton Photographic Archive is planning a large exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary your photos could be included.  Email your images to:  local.studies@merton.gov.uk

You can see how your images would fit in, whatever your council.   It is also a fun way to develop your photo skills by trying to recapture an old picture as it looks today. When I lived in Stoke Newington I worked for the former N16 magazine and would often write articles about local topics. My first stop would always be a look at the Council website for hints and then often a trip down to the Archives to see many more images. 

Just think that someone in 100 years - or more, could be thrilled to be able to see your photograph. (Mike Roberts)


If any London members follow Mike's suggestion and find archives looking for images, do let us know via london@rps.org.

Image © Mike Roberts