New Year’s (Photographic) Resolutions

06 January 2015

Region: London

New Year’s (Photographic) Resolutions

How many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions?  And how many of us will stick with them?  If you have any interesting photographic resolutions, plans or ambitions for 2015 let us know at  If we get enough, we’ll put a column in our next edition of Capital Interest ... and we’ll be in touch again in 2016 to see if you kept them!

Meanwhile, here are some from the London Team.

Roger Kelly: “Gone 'retro' style with my Xmas Selfie (that's a pressie to self!)  My Fuji X100T, in the New Year, will be used only in manual exposure control and with manual focus with the new electronic 'rangefinder' through the optical viewfinder. Not sure how long it’s gonna last!”

Norman Smith LRPS:  “A photo a day” and “to not buy any more equipment until I have used everything that I already have”. [One for all of us methinks!  Ed.]

Del Barrett ARPS: “I’ve just ordered a selfie stick, not because I want to bombard Facebook with thousands of pix of me in front of Big Ben, but because I want to do a lot more with my iPhone this year.  There have been some awesome iPhone pix on Bleeding London and I want to be a part of it!”

Image:  New Year's Day © Del Barrett ARPS

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Mike Chopra-Gant
07 January 2015

1. Finally get to grips with writing my long-outstanding book proposal on amateur photography and the family (started on this already)
2. Finally get around to talking to some of the people who have expressed an interest in an academic vernacular photography network/conference
3. Find my chequebook and book a place for ARPS assessment
4. Mount and frame some of the lovely photographs I've acquired recently
5. Shoot film once a month (can't see that one happening)
6. Buy less, use more.

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07 January 2015

I have been racking my brains for some good ones and I guess I have to carry over the one from last year that didn't get done. That is to learn more about flash. I will continue my photo a day, now about to start my 3rd year. I firmly believe that this has been a big contributor to my ARPS success, it really pushes you. The London Urban Project is now in full swing, of which I have an ongoing "London Windows" Project , I will continue this. Not sure about Norman's no kit comment, I can't commit to that!

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Gavin Meek
07 January 2015

My New Years Resolution is: 300 dpi.

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