BL Winner Chris Mansfield tells his story!

16 July 2015

Region: London

I first read about the Bleeding London project a couple of months after it was already under way.  I was initially attracted by the idea that every contributor would have at least one picture in the final exhibition, so I uploaded a few shots of my local area. When I signed up and read a little more I became hooked on the bonus points scheme.  Living in south east London I was lucky to find I was very close to a lot of the bonus postcodes. From then on I was well and truly hooked.

During the year that I was participating I walked off a stone in weight, which was another bonus for me!  When the original deadline arrived to end the project I had only about 1600 uploads.  Fortunately the extension of a few months gave me the opportunity to make the final push and exceed the 3000 mark.

I am definitely a competitive person and once I knew I was within reach of winning there was no stopping me. I had to be the top uploader! To be honest some days were a bit of a chore, especially in modern areas such as Thamesmead, where so many streets look exactly the same, but the thought of winning the camera (even though until now I have been 100% Nikon) and the good exercise I was getting kept me motivated right up to the final deadline!


Image SE7 Little Heath © Chris Mansfield

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16 July 2015

So, how do you like Olympus?!

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