Home thoughts from a (Cine) Camera

14 July 2015

Region: London

The culmination of over 600 contributors’ work and a huge creative effort from the many and the heroic few – the ‘Bleeding London’ exhibition set up and launch at City Hall (8th July) was an expression of what it is to be British.  Gathering together to celebrate creativity in the teeth of a tube strike and admiring the many different interpretations of the Bleeding London photographic brief.

You know effort is being noticed when the Chinese send a camera crew and the LondonLive TV crew spend time interviewing the shakers and movers.  What a result!

How to choose 1200 pictures from 58,000 is one mammoth task.  How to display the 1200 effectively is another challenge.  I felt a swell of pride to be a member of an organisation like RPS London Region where colleagues can create such a stunning show.

City Hall has the benefit of good coffee and cakes.  It can also show the panels in the exhibition effectively.  From the nascent London Cine micro-group I assembled a ‘pop-up’ crew to video proceedings.  Hopefully our video blog will encourage you to visit City Hall to see the collection.  As many contributors told me, participating had changed the way they saw the landscape.  That’s the wonder of photography that speaks to people as far away as China and to the folk next door. 

The video blog is on  https://vimeo.com/user34043187/rps-bleeding-london-exhibition-launch

Keep a watch for up-coming London Cine events.  Hopefully we create an active and interesting group based around Cine skills coming to your screens soon.  If you want to join in or get more information send an email to Londoncine@rps.org.

Mark Percival LRPS